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Pirelli completes Cyber Fleet tests

Pirelli has completed the first testing phase of Cyber Fleet: the system that transmits tyre data in real time to drivers and fleet managers using electronic sensors and telemetry.

Cyber Fleet optimises fleet running costs, as it allows fuel savings to be made (because correct tyre pressures reduce rolling resistance) and also saves on staff costs when it comes to maintaining tyres and checking pressures.

At the same time, it guarantees an even level of wear on the tyres, which leads to increased durability. In particular, the tests carried out so far have revealed that Cyber Fleet allows a fuel saving that can be up to 1000 Euros per year for each vehicle. It is also possible to calculate the efficiency of each single vehicle – thanks to the data provided by software partner Telogis – and identify any anomalies in tyre pressure, allowing the return on investment for installing the system to be easily calculated. Tests have shown that the investment required to buy Cyber Fleet will be returned completely within just six months of use, not to mention the added safety advantages that the system brings.

The tests, which were carried out using a large private municipal services fleet that transports both goods and people, got underway in April and are still running. The tests involve 13 heavy goods vehicles, including three coaches, three buses, three industrial transporters, two dustcarts and two trucks. These vehicles, running on Pirelli tyres equipped with sensors, have covered more than 20,000 kilometres so far, accumulating data that can be used for tyre management.