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Philip White Tyres partners with Goodyear Farm Tires

Philip White Tyres has expressed its delight at becoming a new distribution partner for Goodyear Farm Tires in Ireland.

The new range of Goodyear Farm Tires is now available here from Philip White Tyres, which it says delivers the quality, performance and reliability you would expect from a premium tyre, at prices that you can afford.

Liam White

Built to withstand the harshest of conditions, every tyre in the Goodyear Farm Tires range features the company’s state-of-the-art technology that delivers reduced soil consumption.

The ever-growing Goodyear Farm Tires range now includes new sizes for the Optitrac, which Philip White Tyres says is a firm favourite with farmers who thrive on the premium performance offered on both road and field.

Liam White , managing director of Philip White Tyres said: “From this year I can confirm that Philip White Tyres has become a significant agent for Goodyear Farm Tires in Ireland.

“Goodyear Farm Tires will provide a competitive product into the Irish market with an emphasis on the most in-demand sizes across 85, 70, 65 and XL Series.

“Now stocking key Goodyear Farm Tires sizes, our experienced wholesale team can ensure delivery to any county in Ireland within 48 hours.”

The Optitrac range is the mainstay of the Goodyear Farm Tires offering.

According to Goodyear Farm Tires, these tyres are capable of speeds of up to 65km/h and feature a wear-resistant tread compound to maximise tyre life and provide peak performance on both road and field.

It claims the Optitrac line features the most modern tread design in the industry, with a 45-degree multi-angle pattern that outperforms standard 45-degree dual-angle, as well as traditional 23-degree patterns in many respects.

With more overlap in lugs toward the centre, the Optitrac design results in better ride quality, less vibration and faster road speeds while maintaining excellent traction and side-hill stability in the field.

Goodyear Farm Tires states that the Optitrac line also features a larger footprint than many R-1W lines for added traction and reduced compaction, as well as a 9.5 per cent plus-up in load carrying capacity at speeds of 40 km/h and five per cent plus-up in load capacity at 48 km/h when compared to standard R-1W lines.

Ultra Sprayer
The Ultra Sprayer from Goodyear Farm Tires has been designed specifically for sprayers by offering increased durability and wear, while maintaining optimum traction in both wet and dry field conditions.

The manufacturer claims the Ultra Sprayer is capable of operating at speeds of up to 65 km/h and is able to carry 20 per cent higher loads at the same inflation pressure as standard tyres, resulting in better flotation and reduced soil compaction.

A reinforced carcass and heavy-duty belt package results in excellent lateral stability, while its stubble resistant tread compound gives superior overall durability.

Goodyear Farm Tires says the Ultra Sprayer boasts superior flexing properties of IF and VF, resulting in bigger footprint reducing pressure in the contact area with the soil.

Sure Grip Lug
The Sure Grip Lug is described by Goodyear Farm Tires as a very good choice for industrial equipment.

The tyre has been designed for use in soft soil operations where traction and flotation are required. Its directional design ensures excellent traction and long wear.

According to Goodyear Farm Tires, the Sure Grip Lug is capable of speeds of between 40km/h and 48km/h.

Goodyear Farm Tires says its LSW (Low Sidewall) technology is also proving extremely popular amongst the farming community, with the exclusive technology featuring a larger rim diameter and a smaller sidewall than the standard tyre.

Benefits include improved floatation, reduced soil compaction and an ability to increase load by up to 40 per cent without affecting tyre pressure.

For any enquiries on the Goodyear Farm Tires range contact Philip White Tyres on 028 (048) 375 15 700.