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Future of agri tyres to be driven by high flexion technology

Turkish agri tyre producer, Starmaxx keeps fulfilling the needs of its customers from all around the world by keeping up with the latest developments in the industry. For the company, IF (Improved Flexion) and VF (Very High Flexion) tyres will be the main factor that will define the future of agricultural machinery industry.

“The importance of long term yield is being highlighted more than ever now”, says Oguz Ay, International Sales and Marketing Director of Starmaxx, “protecting the soil along with the roots and seeds has recently become the primary function of agricultural tyres. This, in turn, improves the long term yield of farmers and ensures a better return on investment.”

Oguz Ay

Starmaxx offers two different size of IF tyres with the company’s acclaimed agricultural radial pattern, TA130: 600/70 R30 and 800/70 R38. These tyres are specifically developed to protect what really matters for the farmers and they offer the benefits of IF technology by providing a way larger footprint compared to traditional tyres, which translates into less soil compaction and a better protection of the soil. TA130 IF series achieve this by carrying the same amount of load with up to 25 per cent less pressure. Besides, they increase the contact area of the tyre and thus, significantly improve traction and drag force.

The TA130 IF series also ensures stability during operations where precision really matters. As a part of the company’s ongoing investments in this technology, Starmaxx has begun working on developing four new IF (Improved Flexion) sizes: 650/60R34, 650/65R34, 710/75R42 and 650/85 R38.

Starmaxx’s Very High Flexion (VF) radial trailer tyre HLT-45 is capable of carrying 40 per cent more load with the same pressure compared to traditional tyres, the company claims. This capability means “extraordinary” levels of fuel efficiency as it drops the number of transportation cycles drastically. VF tyres remove the need to change the pressure of the tyres while moving from the field to the road as they can operate with much higher speeds than ordinary tyres with the same pressure. With literally no need to change the pressure, users will gain a lot of extra time to dedicate to produce or carry more and more crop. With the strong carcass and reinforced sidewalls, HLT-45 ensures a long service life to offer maximum value for the farmers’ investments.

Starmaxx currently offers one size for this tyre, 285/70 R19.5 and the company’s short term plan is to broaden the VF tyre range by adding in the following new sizes: 380/90R46, 480/80R42, 480/80 R46, 520/85 R46, 480/80 R50 and 710/70 R42.