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PCL launches in-house designed safety blowguns

Sheffield-based pneumatics expert PCL has once again hit the target for customer needs with its new range of better and best safety blowguns – Ergo and Ergo Extreme.

Design-engineered in the UK, with comfort and style in mind, this range has the PCL DNA running right through it, from handle to tip. A sturdy product made from durable plastic that looks and feels good in your hand, it replaces the current ‘best’ range of blowguns, building on the high quality and performance for which PCL is renowned.

Ergo and Ergo Extreme feature a subtle but striking branding, including a tell-tale sign that reassures customers of the product pedigree before they even see the name – the PCL scalloped handle.

The distinctive three dips provide the user with a modern aesthetic, but more importantly, comfortable use over prolonged periods. Ergo Extreme affords additional cushioning with a flexible, rubber grip on the handle, which also offers increased strength.

Owners of busy workshops will be hard pushed to find such a cost-effective and robust pneumatic blowgun that ticks all the boxes for strength, stability and comfort.

The ERGO range boasts the same unbeatable DNA as PCL’s ground-breaking Airfore Mk4 Tyre Inflator, therefore users can expect a product that’s built to last.

The Ergo and Ergo Extreme safety blowguns form PCL’s new extended range, created to meet the needs of those looking for competitive price points. The two styles are available in 14 types, including safety versions, offering:

  • 7 options in each of the Ergo and Ergo Extreme designs, from 2 BAR regulated safety blowguns to the enhanced flow Turbo 
  • Low noise level version meeting OSHA standards, and air curtain for larger areas
  • Extended nozzle types available with or without a 2 BAR regulated safety valve
  • Balanced weight and rugged trigger providing the user confidence in a blowgun that feels sturdy in the hand
  • Newly designed air release valve built into the body, enabling trigger/air flow to be feathered
  • Multiple hanging areas within the blowgun, creating additional space and strength in the handle area
  • Ergo is drop tested to 1.5m, ERGO EXTREME to 2m


For retailers, PCL offers a 13-piece countertop display pack option for two of the blowguns in the range.

Whilst the Ergo range represents fantastic value, PCL’s ergonomically designed and versatile portfolio of air blowguns also includes the even more competitively priced ‘good’ entry level plastic range, and the existing metal Pistol/Palm Grip range.

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