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PCL extends warranty on couplings, tyre inflators

PCL has extended warranties on a selection of its best in class products.

The tyre inflation expert has doubled the warranty on the digital handheld Accura MK4 and linear Airforce MK4 products from 12 months to two years.

PCL claims the Accura MK4 is the lightest metal-bodied digital gauge available on the market and the most versatile digital handheld product it has ever manufactured.

The latest ‘Made in Sheffield’ Airforce MK4 has taken the leading standards of the MK3 to a whole new level, delivering greater accuracy, speed and reliability than its predecessor and any other comparable inflator, PCL adds.

A key factor in the enhanced reliability of both is a clever two-stage valve which substantially extends MK4 product life, with tests showing it can cover more than 10 times as many cycles as its main contender.

PCL has also extended the warranty on its core lines of couplings – Vertex, XF-Euro and Airflow. As well as being manufactured with a distinctive blue silicone band to define them as genuine ‘Made in Sheffield’ products, these high-quality products now come with a five-year guarantee.

The thickness of couplings in each of these three key ranges has been increased to neatly house the blue band.

PCL sales director Lee Wright said: “Three quarters of a century of experience and expertise has been invested in the manufacture of our couplings, so we feel a five-year warranty underlines our faith in their performance and longevity and stands testament to our exacting ‘Made in Sheffield’ standards.

“Meanwhile we continue to make major investments in product innovation, resulting in exceptional products such as our Accura MK4 and Airforce MK4 tyre inflators which have become industry standard in garages, petrol and tyre shops.

“We are extremely proud to be able to pass on the benefits of our ability to manufacture world-class products by supplying customers with generous warranty extensions on these popular and advanced product ranges.”