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Nokian launches the One for North America

Nokian has introduced the Nokian One, which will be produced at its new plant in Tennessee as well as in Europe. The One is the first Nokian all-season tyre developed specifically for the North American market.

The tyre has aramid fibers embedded in the sidewall to help withstand pothole strikes and other road hazards, which Nokian claims increases its puncture resistance. Demonstrating the faith it has in the hardiness of the sidewall design, the company says that if a tyre sustains irreparable damage following an incident on the road, it will replace the tyre at no cost.

Its aramid fibers are the same as those found within bulletproof vests and even spacecraft landing cushions. The tyres will be available in the US market only.

Nokian says the new tyre will carry a high mileage warranty of up to 130,000km and will be offered in 70 sizes from 14 to 20 inches.