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Nokian has summer driving covered

Nokian’s summer tyres, zLine for fast driving and Nokian Line with strong grip on wet surfaces, offer high levels of safety and satisfaction in challenging summer conditions.

The sporty Nokian zLine Ultra High Performance tyre is stable, precise and quiet, even at extreme limits. On fast, sporty cars it shows fast-response handling and firm grip on wet surfaces.

The high-performance Nokian Line, designed for high-powered and middle-sized cars, provides optimum grip and precise handling, especially on wet roads, for the rapidly changing road conditions in Europe. Drivers are delighted by its excellent aquaplaning protection, great comfort and reasonable economy.

There are now six new sizes of the Nokian zLine (17, 18 and 19 inches) and of the Nokian Line (13, 16 and 17 inches), available from tyre retailers.

As a premium brand, Nokian Tyres, the leading winter tyre specialist from Finland, also offers a large, varied range of summer tyres, in a total of 196 sizes.