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Nexen wins main prize at iF Design Awards 2023

Nexen Tire has received the main award in the product design category of the iF Design Awards 2023 in Germany for its Roadian HTX 2.

The iF International Forum Design GmbH, based in Hanover, is the oldest independent design organisation and annually bestows the iF Design Award on the best design results.

Around 11,000 entries from 56 countries competed for the award, which was chosen by a panel of 133 judges comprised of experts from each country.

The award-winning Roadian HTX 2 tyre for SUV/LT this year improves snow traction and mileage performance when compared to competitive products, according to Nexen.

It improves tread grip and handling performance even in snowy conditions thanks to the tyre maker’s 3D sipe technology that increases traction. The cooling pin design used on the shoulder block effectively releases heat generated during driving, increasing tyre durability even in high-speed driving environments and allowing for more stable driving.

Sidewalls have different themes on the inside and outside, giving customers the option to install sidewall designs that suit their preferences.

For more information on the Nexen Tire range contact Premier Tyres on (0818) 195 205.