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New Yaris Cross GR Sport to roll on Falken

Toyota Motor Corporation has approved the Falken Azenis FK510 SUV tyres as original equipment fitment on the new Yaris Cross GR Sport.

Factory fitted to the new Toyota in size 215/50R18 92V, the Falken Azenis FK510 SUV is described as a high-performance premium SUV tyre that brings together both riding comfort and sportiness.

The tyre adopts an asymmetrical tread pattern that optimises the distribution of pressure throughout the contact patch, providing added strength and durability at the outer edge of the tread, which is subjected to extreme stress during high-speed cornering.

In addition, a new design also brings the tyre profile closer to a perfect circle for greater sidewall flexibility, which in turn provides even better steering stability at higher speeds.

On top of that, the Azenis FK510 SUV also adopts a specialised ‘silica compound’ that optimises the polymer on the nanoscale while increasing silica content in order to further improve overall tyre performance.