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New wheel alignment tool from Laser Tools

This handy, easy to operate and very accurate laser alignment tool from Laser Tools (part number 7910) is combined with two traditional spirit levels.

Achieve a straight line in a much more accurate and efficient way: two forms of laser light are projected, point and line. Precise bright red laser is clearly visible — ideal for home DIY and also for automotive use.

Provides the DIY enthusiast with an easy levelling method for multiple jobs: line up switches and sockets, keep cupboards level and at the same height, or hang pictures parallel to the rise of a staircase.

For automotive use it can be used in conjunction with the Gunson Trakrite Camber Bar (part number 77137) to check alignment of vehicle wheels in relationship to each other and the vehicle centre line, front to back initial wheel alignment and alignment of body mouldings, stickers, etc.

Two traditional spirit level vials are included, one at 90°, one at 180°. The working range of the projected laser is: line 3m, point 20m. Supplied with an adjustable mounting bracket that includes a tripod mount.

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