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New Hamaton EU-Pro Hybrid NFC launched at Pitzone

Pitzone has announced the launch of the new Hamaton EU-Pro Hybrid NFC – the first NFC-enabled universal TPMS sensor. It is now available nationwide through Pitzone.

In addition to traditional TPMS diagnostic tools, users of the new EU-Pro Hybrid NFC can configure and program this sensor with an Android device and a free app available on Google Play.

The free app is the fastest way to configure large volumes consecutively – just one second per sensor – while keeping a precise tally, according to the manufacturer.

The Hamaton EU-Pro Hybrid NFC’s short-range also stops interference between the device and other sensors on the shop floor.

This technology is therefore ideal for companies looking to improve productivity without compromising accuracy.

For more information contact Pitzone on 01 459 6069 or Hugh O’Neill, Pitzone Director on 087 291 13 64.