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New Firestone truck tyre range

Firestone has launched its new regional on-road truck tyre range, which it claims has been developed to reduce both total cost of ownership and environmental footprint for fleet operations.

Featuring Bridgestone’s Enliten technology, the new Firestone truck tyre range of FS424, FD624 and FT524, offers longer mileage and improved fuel efficiency compared to its predecessors, according to the manufacturer.

It claims that mileage is up to 20 per cent on its predecessors, leading to a cost per kilometre that’s reduced by 10 per cent.

The new range also provides better fuel efficiency, with competitive label grades providing an up to 15 per cent reduction in rolling resistance versus its predecessors.

Used for the first time in a Firestone regional on-road tyre range, Bridgestone’s Enliten technology is its innovative approach to tyre development, combining cutting-edge technologies to provide maximum safety and outstanding tyre performance for drivers, while improving the sustainability characteristics of the tyre.

With competitive wet grip labels and 3PMSF marking, Firestone’s latest truck tyre range will be available in six additional sizes as part of an expanded line-up.

The first sizes are available now, with the remaining following over the course of 2024.

This new range for steer, drive and trailer axles will replace the current Firestone Plus line-up.

Waqqas Ahmad, commercial sales director, Bridgestone EMIA said: “Truck fleets need tyres that combine year-round reliability with a reduced total cost of ownership – especially in today’s climate.

“Leveraging Enliten for the first time, we’ve directly addressed these real-world customer needs to develop a new Firestone truck tyre range that aims to become the best choice in the mid-segment.

“Available in a wide range of sizes, the FS424, FD624 and FT524 are a landmark range for both the Firestone brand and cost-conscious fleets looking for the smart tyre choice.”