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New Firestone Maxi Traction Combine

Firestone has launched the new Maxi Traction Combine to comply with today’s farmers’ needs: a reliable tyre to avoid downtime during harvesting season, with very high load capacity for ever-heavier harvesting machinery, and causing minimum impact on the soil.

Maxi-Traction_small2High load capacity withstanding cyclic load
With the worldwide trend of increased size of agricultural machinery, load capacity is key for combine tyres. The Firestone Maxi Traction Combine tyres are built to sustain grain tanks with a capacity of up to 12,500 litres. Reinforced casing helps withstand these loads.

“It is especially for cyclic field operations that the Maxi Traction Combine is top of the class. At a higher inflation pressure, a cyclic load bonus of up to 70% compared to normal maximum load can be achieved on the field. This greatly improves farming efficiency” says Harald Van Ooteghem, Senior Manager Marketing Planning Commercial Business Unit, Bridgestone Europe.

Reliability and efficiency in all conditions
Timing is essential: in just a few days, the work of months needs to be harvested, so downtime must be avoided at all cost. Thanks to the optimised casing and use of cut-resistant compounds, Firestone agricultural tyres are designed to withstand the rigours of constantly changing loads.  The special sidewall construction allows for higher flexion, thus creating a bigger footprint and larger contact patch, which not only results in slow and even tyre-wear, but also in reduced soil compaction under these huge weights.

The Maxi Traction Combine features Firestone’s unique high performance Dual Angle Lug design technology. It enables better traction, lower soil disturbance and better self-cleaning, allowing the farmer to cover more ground in less time, thereby raising productivity while the soil is protected for the future.

The Firestone Maxi Traction Combine is now available for the agricultural tyre replacement and original equipment markets in several sizes. Please visit the new Firestone website to find out more about this new product