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New “Eco Line” battery range for passenger cars

Bosch tells us that it is reacting to current market developments and new statutory requirements by expanding its already wide range of starter batteries for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, powered two-wheelers, and recreational vehicles like motor homes and motorboats.
Eco Line range offers a solution in line with a vehicle’s fair market value
In tough economic climates, the new Eco Line range of batteries for passenger cars represents both an expansion of the previous range of batteries and also a solution that is in line with the fair market value of older vehicles while upholding Bosch’s high quality standards. 
The batteries in Bosch’s new Eco Line range have also been designed for vehicles with start/stop systems. As a result, Bosch’s Eco Line offers a high-quality solution for the majority of vehicles in Europe. After its introduction in Germany, Eco Line will also be rolled out to other markets.

TA AGM starter battery for powerful commercial vehicles
Since early 2020, Bosch’s product range has also included the ultra-high-performance TA AGM 12-volt commercial-vehicle starter battery that can satisfy the tougher requirements of today’s long-haul transportation.
 The TA AGM is the most powerful commercial-vehicle battery that Bosch has to offer. It reliably supplies energy to numerous electrical consumers, including parking cooler and parking heater. (See also Bosch’s press release on the TA AGM)
M4 and M6 two-wheeler batteries will be “factory-activated” in future
Bosch has made commissioning the M4 and M6 two-wheeler batteries simpler, safer, and more convenient for customers. In future, the batteries will be sold “factory-activated” – in other words, prefilled and activates at the plant. 

This will mean that the batteries are ready for immediate operation without needing to be filled from the acid pack provided before being put into service, as was previously the case. By making this change, Bosch is responding to a new EU specification fundamentally prohibiting acid from being sold separately to consumers for safety reasons. The lead–acid two-wheeler batteries will be available for the start of the new 2021 season. 

In addition, the M Li-ion two-wheeler battery remains in the portfolio. The ultra-light, extremely powerful two-wheeler battery with lithium-ion technology offers a service life that is four times longer than conventional lead–acid batteries, making it synonymous with pure driving fun, great dynamics, and safety. Bosch therefore expects that the market reception for the M Li-ion battery will continue to be positive.