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New Bridgestone Ecopia truck tyres increase fuel savings

Bridgestone has unveiled two new truck tyres, the Ecopia H-Steer 001, and Ecopia H-Drive 001, which it claims are the most ecological and economical truck tyres that the manufacturer has ever developed.

Specially designed for advanced, fuel-conscious operators of highway fleets, these two premium Ecopia long-haul tyres deliver radically lower rolling resistance, fuel consumption and environmental impact, while maintaining overall levels of tyre performance and safety.

The new tyres incorporate Bridgestone’s exclusive NanoPro-Tech™ compoundm which reduces energy loss in the top compound as the tyre rotates. This reduced energy loss translates as lower rolling resistance – without compromising other tyre performance areas such as drive traction, wet grip and mileage.

Independent road tests show that the Ecopia H-Steer 001 and Ecopia H-Drive 001 provide 18.9 per cent and 26.5 per cent lower rolling resistance respectively than the current Ecopia series, leading to 4.4 per cent lower fuel consumption.

“In addition to strong independent test results, customer feedback on the new Ecopia tyres has been very positive” says Harald Van Ooteghem, Senior Manager Marketing Planning, Bridgestone Europe.

In 2011 Bridgestone started supplying Ecopia H-Steer 001 and Ecopia H-Steer 001 tyres to a major vehicle manufacturer and others will follow during 2012. Bridgestone has also made limited sales to selected customers to gather feedback before the official launch with a wider size line-up in 2013.