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New all-weather trailer tyre from Dunlop

Dunlop has revealed the SP247, a new trailer tyre range offering fleets extended all-weather performance, high mileage and low cost per kilometre. The SP247 is replacing the Dunlop SP246 range.

The Dunlop SP247 is marked by a robust five or six rib design. Latest technology features include a strong and durable casing construction, deep sipes and a fuel-saving tread compound, high abrasion resistant tread compound. The range is fully retreadable.

The optimised rib layout is ensuring an even contact pressure distribution and shoulder robustness.

The sipes within the tread profile go up to two-third of the full tread depth so beyond the 50 per cent worn stage. By creating additional biting edges, they interlock with the road surface providing an optimized grip performance, lasting until a late stage of the tyre life. A longer service life and high mileages is further enabled by the damage and wear resistance characteristics of the new product.

The chemical formulation and polymer network of the tread compound deliver lower energy or fuel consumption because of the well controlled rolling resistance during operation.

The new Dunlop SP247 provides extended all-weather capabilities with all sizes carrying both the M+S and Three Peak Mountain SnowFlake (3PMSF) symbols. Dunlop managed to meet the most stringent EU regulation requirements without any trade-off in other key performance areas such as short braking distances and improved wet grip throughout the tyre life, rolling resistance or mileage.

Progressive winter tyre regulations in Europe require 3PMSF marked products on trailer axles besides the steer and drive. Fleets operating across Europe have a particular interest in mounting 3PMSF marked tyres as this type of product will be compliant, independent of local legal requirements.

Maciej Szymanski, director marketing Commercial Tyres Europe said: “The Dunlop SP247 line up demonstrates functional versatility in all applications including long-haul and regional distribution as well as urban and severe on-road service conditions. The new product range offers excellent winter mobility without compromising any other performance criteria. It is fully compliant with the most stringent European winter tyre legislation requiring Three Peak Mountain SnowFlake (3PMSF) tyres.”