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National Tyres releases new Dynamo M/T sizes

National Tyres recently launched a number of new Mud Terrain sizes to add to its extensive offering in this segment, with more sizes coming soon.

It says the Dynamo MMT01 has become an extremely popular tyre in the 4×4 market in recent years due to a number of important factors, not least its impressive, aggressive pattern combined with an “attractive price tag”.

This tyre now comes in 16 sizes with more to come. National Tyres has also just launched what it expects to be “a best seller”: 285/70R17, the fitment size for the Ford Ranger Raptor.

The Dynamo MMT01 is expertly engineered and specially developed for cross country enthusiasts. It features a strengthened three ply carcass making the tyre extremely strong and capable of handling strong impacts.

The open shoulder enlarged and deepened grooves allow easier expulsion of mud whether travelling at low or high speeds. This feature effectively improves the tyres self-cleaning performance and grip capabilities when travelling on rugged and rocky roads.

The shield-like design extending up from the sidewall improves traction and further protects the the sidewall from damage.
The large shoulder block design vastly enhances the handling performance on muddy and rocky roads for improved driving quality.

With high strength capabilities, puncture and scratch resistance, high wear resistance and braking capabilities this is the ultimate off-road tyre, according to National Tyres, which uses a specialised silica compound to create a more balanced tyre with strong grip meaning excellent on-road performance too!

To find out more about the Dynamo M/T range visit For trade enquiries contact National Tyres on 01 830 9725 or Orders can be placed on