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National Tyres appointed exclusive distributors for Dynamo Tyres

National Tyres, one of Ireland’s leading tyre importers and distributors, has been appointed exclusive distributors for Dynamo Tyres.

Manufactured by the highly regarded Sailun Corporation, Dynamo Tyres are made in industry leading factories with test facilities in North America, Europe and Asia.

Dynamo boasts an impressive range of tyres over 15 different models and over 300 sizes. National Tyres has a long established relationship with the manufacturer having been distributors for the Blacklion brand since 2012.

Dynamo’s wide range of UHP tyres combine extremely high quality with great value resulting in a brand providing an enviable cost/quality ratio.

Dynamo MH01
The Dynamo MH01 is composed of a silicon compound formulation, which lowers rolling resistance for better fuel economy. The tread pattern is designed for great handling for a safer and more comfortable driving experience. The MH01 comes in 70 different sizes for car and SUV.

Dynamo MU02
From Dynamo’s UHP range comes the MU02 with a tread formulation specially designed to ensure excellent rolling resistance and superior traction. All MU02 sizes feature rim protectors. The MU02 comes in 75 car and SUV sizes including 15 Runflat sizes.

Dynamo MSU01
The Dynamo MSU01 is a UHP SUV tyre with a premium look and feel. With outstanding wet and dry traction, the MSU01 is quickly becoming a favourite for families looking for safe and reliable SUV tyres at a great price. The MSU01 covers over 50 SUV sizes.

Dynamo MMT01
The Dynamo MMT01 features an extremely aggressive tread pattern and is specially designed for a quality on and off road driving experience.

The three ply carcass makes the tyre extremely strong and capable of handling strong impacts. The open shoulder design with enlarged and deepened grooves allow for easier expulsion of mud whether travelling at low or high speeds. This effectively improves the tyre’s self cleaning performance and grip capabilities when travelling on rugged and rocky terrains. The shield like design extending up from the sidewall improves off road traction and further protects the sidewall from damage. The MMT01 comes in 16 sizes from 15-20 inch.

Dynamo MC02
The MC02 commercial range offers outstanding handling on wet surfaces as well as excellent high speed durability. Featuring a unique puncture resistant pattern with deeper and wider grooves that increase wear resistance, efficiently drain water and provide greater handling and stability. The MC02 commercial range comes in over 40 sizes from 12 to 17 inch.

For more information on the Dynamo range contact National Tyres on 01 830 9725.