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Nankang has performance covered

With over 50 years of tyre knowledge, Nankang has always been one step ahead of the competition, being the first Taiwanese tyre company to produce ‘W’ rated tyres akong 22” and 24” tyres.

Product innovation
has always been high priority. This has led to Nankang producing a truly astonishing range of performance sizes catering for everything from small commuter cars up to supercars.


Using the latest tyre technology, the new NS-2R boasts massive performance for both road and track. Available in a growing size range from 13” up to 18”, the NS-2R is not a tyre to be overlooked by anybody looking for high performance rubber. With different thread compounds optimised for track day and competition, there is an NS-2R to suit everybody’s performance tyre needs.

Being the control tyre for race championships such as the Compact Cup, Tegiwa Civic Cup, Fun Cup and MaX-5 series’ in the UK plus new championships being signed up for 2016, the NS-2R is proving very popular in the pits and amongst driving enthusiasts.

Whilst most track tyres only have one thing in mind, the NS-2R hosts an array of talents, not only as a fast tyre, but as a consistently fast tyre, lap after lap come rain or shine. The tread design also gives the driver the confidence to drive to and from a race meeting or track day in dry or often wet conditions without the need to change tyres at the event. The NS-2R is available from all of our Nankang performances centres.


The AS-2+ is the new breed of Nankang performance tyres, offering maximum grip in both dry and wet weather conditions with optimal rolling efficiency using 3D simulation software. The AS-2+ is designed with wider section grooves between the tread blocks to allow the best possible drainage and water dispersion rate, whilst chamfered lateral grooves on the tread shoulder helps keep the road noise down.

Available in a size range from 16” up to 22” in some great sizes such as 265/30r20 and 285/35r22 and offering A/B wet grip labeling results, the AS-2+ is looking to take the market by storm.


The latest Nankang performance road tyre, the NS-20 is available in a comprehensive range of 124 sizes from 185/45r15 up to 285/30r20. The NS-20 is produced with the latest in tyre technology, giving the driver complete confidence in both wet and dry conditions whilst also reducing road noise.

Auto Bild test results in year 2012 showed that the NS-20 is strong competition against higher value branded tyres in dry and wet braking, with the NS-20 achieving better results than that of established tyres such as Yokohama’s Advan Sport, Falken’s FK453, Maxxis’ MAZ1 and Vredestein’s Ultrac Cemto. In another Auto Bild test for Sport Car tyres in 2015, NS-20 proves again to be very solid against European premium brands.