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Motorshow Car Buyers’ Guide 2015 on way

The 2015 edition of MOTORSHOW Car Buyers’ Guide is heading to all good newsagents and convenience stores near you later this month and will be packed with all the knowledge that new car buyers need to make the right purchase for them.

Motorshow_2015MOTORSHOW Car Buyers’ Guide is accepted as the best annual publication to assists buyers with no nonsense verdicts on every new car. It also has all the details of over a hundred new cars on the way in the year ahead. Safety too is a major priority, so the results of every new car ever crash tested in Europe are included.

With an unrivalled editorial team including Padraic Deane, Eddie Cunningham, Michael Moroney, and John Loughran as well a back up research team including Trevor Nally, Declan O’Byrne and Jim Mullholland, this publication has serious pedigree to match it’s very strong reputation among real new car buyers.

The ‘Worth Waiting For’ section in MOTORSHOW Car Buyers’ Guide 2015 aims to give the new car buying public all the up-to-date necessary information required when shopping for a new car, and as part of this process, it lists the most comprehensive compilation of new cars coming to the Irish market over the next year or so.

Car sales people should note that the level of research means that readers will learn of many new models on the way, in fact many that many sales persons in dealerships will not have heard of at this time.

This publication lists and rates every new model on the market. And this super annual publication has the most accurate new car price list available in Ireland, complete with CO2 ratings. The verdicts tell it as it is on each model, warts and all.

MOTORSHOW Car Buyers’ Guide also covers car finance and other essential factors related to new car purchase.
You can get your copy of the MOTORSHOW Car Buyers’ Guide 2015 at all good newsagents later this month. It regularly proves to be the best €4.95 that thousands of new car buyers ever invest in.

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