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Moto2 returns to Spain for dual compound action

Dunlop’s Moto2 tyres head to the Circuit de Catalunya near Barcelona for the second visit to Spain for the fifth round of the of the Moto2 World Championship – the Gran Premi Aperol de Catalunya – on June 1-3.

Located 30km north-east of Barcelona, the track is a punishing venue where the right hand side of the tyres take a lot of abuse from the high speed turns.

Dunlop will bring the tyres from the Group E ‘Specials’ range, with the dual compound W919 making its season debut, allied to the 3838 harder option compound. This allocation is used for circuits such as Catalunya requiring lower running temperature tyres, because of their turn biased nature. The allocation also accounts for higher abrasion levels.

The W919 is an asymmetric dual compound tyre incorporating the two core compounds. Both compounds offer good heat retention while not getting too hot or too cold during running. The dual compound approach is suited to where one side of the tyre gets more use than the other. The 3838 gives riders at these circuits the confidence to open the throttle early out of the apex and has good resistance to abrasion and wear. These rear tyres are married to the familiar 717 and 302 fronts, resplendent in their latest profile.