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Mobiletron launches new cost effective TPMS tool

Mobiletron has launched what it says is its most cost-effective TPMS programming and diagnostic tool yet, specifically manufactured for programming its MORE Sensors.

The PT47 has been manufactured in cooperation with a world leader in TPMS Diagnostic tools ATEQ and includes many cost saving features such as an integrated OBDII module, five years of free software and database updates and is backed up with a two year warranty.

The PT47 is a specialised TPMS programming and diagnostic tool, designed specifically for the programming of Mobiletron’s MORE sensors. The compact tool provides many powerful features such as: Sensor reading, programming and cloning. The tool is also used for TPMS ECU reset using its built-in OBD capability.

The PT47 offers features to program Mobiletron Combi sensors, such as Create and Copy ID, Manual ID, Retrieve ID, Program sensors.

The tool can also activate and read 100 per cent of OE and aftermarket TPMS sensors for any passenger vehicles.

The tool benefits from the manufacturing expertise of ATEQ the world leader in TPMS tools. The tool is small and portable, yet highly durable with a protective rubber case and the bright, colour screen is functional and easy to use.