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Mitas displays new sizes of VF HC 2000 tyres at SIMA fair

Mitas is set to introduce new sizes to its Very High Flexion (VF) tyres range at the SIMA Fair in paris, France later this month.


At the stand E016, Hall 3, Mitas will display the VF 600/70R30 HC 2000 and VF 710/70R42 HC 2000. These two new sizes are released for sales from February. Another extension will take place in March when Mitas will unveil the VF 380/105R54 HC 2000. Mitas will then offer five sizes of the HC 2000 tyres for powerful tractors.

VF tyres play a key role in the Mitas Premium tyre line, which replaces Continental-branded tyres on new machinery produced by OEMs from January 2015.

The Mitas VF 600/70R30 HC 2000 and VF 710/70R42 HC 2000 are designed for high-horsepower tractors. Mitas VF 710/70R42 has a ‘B’ speed category allowing speeds of up to 50 km/h, boasting a maximum load of 7,750 kg under 1.6 bar. When compared with a standard tyre, the VF tyre enables 40% more load.

The Very High Flexion tyre’s main advantage is maintaining constant tyre pressure at any speed. The VF’s larger footprint leads to less soil compaction and increased mobility under difficult and wet soil conditions. The special feature of the Mitas VF rated tyres is the highly flexible sidewall allowing for an extended footprint competing shoulder-to-shoulder with the ever popular rubber tracks. Very High Flexion tyres are produced at the Mitas factories in Charles City, Iowa, and Otrokovice, CZ.