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Michelin X Mine D2 Pro fitted to fleet of Volvo wheeled loaders

PSH Environmental has eliminated all instances of punctures across its fleet of Volvo wheeled loaders by utilising Michelin’s ultra-durable X Mine D2 Pro tyres.

The skip hire, recycling and aggregates business specifies all new machines with the Michelin fitments, having found them to be more durable “than any other rubber tyre on the market”, while offering a much-improved level of comfort and performance over a solid waste tyre.

Nigel Parker, who runs PSH Environmental alongside his brother Martyn, says: “We fit the Michelin product because it is by far the best option for our wheeled loaders. The Volvos are fantastic machines, working in a very tough environment and we use a premium tyre to ensure we get the best out of them and avoid costly downtime.

“Unless you are very, very careless you really cannot puncture these tyres. The only other option for us would be to run solid tyres, but we have avoided that as the ride quality is so poor and, working on concrete, you can end up damaging the machine.”

PSH Environmental currently runs three Volvo loading shovels – one older L60H and two new L90H machines, all supplied by SMT GB. The L90H is the latest addition to Volvo’s H-Series, offering a higher load capacity and greater lifting height than any of its predecessors.

The business uses the loaders to move materials onto walking floor trailers, shifting waste into shredders and loading plant machinery at its depot in Norwich.

“The older L60H we have had for more than four years now, and it has the same set of tyres on as when we got it. It’s done in excess of 7,500 hours,” says Parker. “With the two new L90s I think they’ll last even longer – they’re fantastic machines. We can put about 26 tonnes of black bag waste on a walking floor trailer in around eight minutes.”

Designed specifically for operation in demanding environments, the X Mine D2 Pro is built with optimised rubber compounds to help withstand hard conditions and slow tyre wear. The range features a reinforced, resilient casing and an innovative, robust tread design to improve resistance to cuts and punctures.

Michelin’s NRF Technology – two extra plies added to the tyre construction, which contain crossed cords encased in rubber for greater resistance and toughness – help to reduce downtime and increase load capacity.

“We’re running a busy operation and we can’t afford to have machines that are out of action with a damaged tyre,” adds Parker. “You know you’re not going to get that from Michelin. The tread pattern is bang on for the work we’re doing as well.

“We have tried other tyres in the past, but they are like chalk and cheese really. They just don’t stand up to what the Michelins can offer.”