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Michelin to launch new summer tyres

Michelin is launching its new summer tyre, the Pilot Sport 5, intended for sports car and high-performance saloons.

Designed to offer a unique combination of sporting performance and longevity, Michelin claims it is the best performing summer tyre among its main competitors in terms of life span for the sports category

Michelin says new tyre offers precision and exceptional reactivity in curves thanks to the Dynamic Response technology that has already proven itself in motorsport.

A hybrid Aramid and Nylon ply forms a belt around the complete tyre structure to guarantee optimum transmission of driving instructions and further increase driving pleasure, according to the tyre maker.

It adds that the new tyre also offers maximum control thanks to extremely good grip and braking performance on dry and wet ground. The Dual Sport Tread Design technology allows for tread optimisation, with more performance in the wet thanks to the inner part of the tread and in the dry thanks to its outer tread blocks

This summer tyre has been designed to enhance vehicles thanks to a deep black velvet appearance. As a result, it was the 2021 winner of the ‘Contemporary Good Design Award’ organised by Red Dot Award .

Following the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyre and winner of numerous awards, the Michelin Pilot Sport 5 tyre will be available in Europe in 50 dimensions from 17 to 21 inches, as of 1st January. It will be available worldwide as of 1st March. It launches the 5th generation of the Pilot Sport range.

Michelin is also launching its new Michelin Primacy 4+ summer tyre, designed for saloons and SUVs. It stands out with its better braking performance on wet ground when worn, offering ever greater safety from the first kilometre to the last, according to Michelin.

The tyre maker claims it owes this performance to the Michelin EverGrip technology, which combines two layers of rubber in order to offset the loss of tread depth and thus continue to better evacuate water when worn.

Likewise, the Michelin Primacy 4+ summer tyre is available as of 1st January. It will be offered in 82 dimensions from 16-19 inches by March, reaching 121 dimensions from 16 to 21 inches by the end of 2022.