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Michelin ready for new European labelling regulation

At a time when European tyre labelling legislation means that manufacturers have to display their tyre grades, Michelin is reaffirming its commitment to delivering the best performance balance in each of its tyre ranges.

Michelin supports the introduction of the new European tyre label, which is designed to provide consumers with practical information about three important tyre performance parameters: wet grip, fuel efficiency and external rolling noise.

Michelin summer tyre ranges

The majority of Michelin’s summer tyre ranges marketed since 2010 have achieved the top A rating in wet grip, the safety-related parameter. Specifically:
All 15 and 16 inch sizes in the Michelin Energy Saver + range, which will be launched this summer, have been classed A in wet grip. The 14 inch sizes have a B rating.
The Michelin Primacy 3 range has been rated A in wet grip.
The Michelin Pilot Super Sport and Pilot Sport 3 ranges have been classed A in wet grip.

Michelin’s commitment to improving fuel efficiency has been validated by the classification of its new core ranges with a C rating or better.
The Michelin Energy Saver + range is rated either B or C in fuel efficiency, depending on the size.
The entire Michelin Primacy 3 range has a fuel efficiency rating of C.

Most of the Sport ranges have a fuel efficiency rating of E, reflecting the fact that they deliver a very specific performance balance by combining high total mileage and very strong grip even in extreme driving conditions.

In the area of tyre noise, all of the newer summer ranges (Energy Saver +, Primacy 3) comply with the future limits on exterior rolling noise that will come into effect on 1 November 2016 (two sound waves maximum as shown in the symbol, left).

Michelin cold weather tyre ranges

The latest generation Alpin cold weather tyre ranges have been rated C in wet grip performance and E in fuel efficiency. These cold weather tyres are designed to deliver a safe ride in a variety of road conditions (ice, snow, slush) and in the full range of winter temperatures. They meet motorists’ expectations by offering both optimal grip in a variety of driving situations and the excellent longevity of a Michelin tyre.

Michelin van tyre ranges

Scheduled for launch this summer, the new Michelin Agilis + range again demonstrates an excellent performance balance with a B rating in wet grip, a very good fuel efficiency rating of C, two waves in exterior rolling noise and the range’s excellent damage resistance and total mileage.

More than just ratings – an excellent overall balance of performance
Michelin’s strategy is focused on designing and manufacturing tyres that combine safety in a variety driving conditions (on dry and wet roads and on straights as well as in corners) improved fuel efficiency and high total mileage, whose impact on the total cost of owning a car makes it a key consumer concern, yet one that is not reflected in the new regulation. There is a big difference in longevity between the various tyres that consumers can buy. In fact, tyre life can vary by a factor of two, which can be more than a year’s motoring for the average motorist.