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Michelin launches new all-season tyre for motorhomes

Michelin has bolstered its CrossClimate range with the addition of the Cross Climate Camping, a new all-season tyre developed for motorhomes. It is available now in eight dimensions.

“Following the successful launch of the four-season car tyre, the Michelin CrossClimate 2, we are now expanding our range to an ever-growing market: the motorhome,” says Theres Gosztonyi, head of passenger cars Europe North at Michelin. “There is a growing trend among many people to travel agile and flexible. It is all the more important that the tyre offers the appropriate level of safety and comfort.”

The Michelin CrossClimate Camping tyre has been designed for safe traveling all year round. It’s ‘A’-rated for grip on wet ground, according to European labelling, and is 3PMSF certified for driving on snowy roads. The tyre’s V-shaped tread combines wide rubber blocks and large grooves to allow maneuverability on multiple types of surfaces.

To develop the new CrossClimate Camping tyres, Michelin says its has worked on a problem unique to motorhomes: users who do not drive much, leaving their vehicle parked up for long periods. In fact, when the motorhome remains without moving for a long time, the tyres can become deformed under the weight of the vehicle, which may also be distributed unequally on each of the tyres.

Thanks to the work done to the casing, identified by a CP2 mark, Michelin states that the CrossClimate Camping tyre helps offset these stresses. Furthermore, its reinforced side walls help resist abrasion and impact damage better than the old generation Michelin Agilis Camping.