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Maxxis OE on GasGas motocross and enduro bikes

Off-road motorcycle manufacturer, GasGas, has approved Maxxis as the original equipment tyre for a range of its 2021 bikes.

The new 2021 range of GasGas motocross bikes will feature the championship-winning MaxxCross MX-ST for mid-soft terrain, while the 2021 enduro range will feature the championship-winning MaxxEnduro tyre.

Augustine Ting, managing director, Europe, Maxxis said: “We are pleased to announce our work with GasGas. They have worked very hard on their 2021 range to bring the very best bikes to the market, and tyres are an incredibly important part of translating this power and agility to the ground.

“The quality of our tyres has been proven in several championships now, and we are pleased GasGas recognise this and choose our tyres based on their ability to maximise the performance of their bikes.”

Maxxis tyres will be fitted as standard to the full GasGas 2021 motocross and enduro range.

The MaxxCross MX-ST and MaxxEnduro are also available to buy on the motorcycle aftermarket in a huge range of sizes for motocross and enduro riders.