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Maserati opts for new Continental SportContact 7

Maserati has opted to use the SportContact 7 – Continental’s most recent premium tyre offering – as original equipment on its Levante and Quattroporte vehicles.

As the successor to Continental’s well-established SportContact 6, the winner of numerous comparative tests, the new SportContact 7 “embodies state-of-the-art tyre engineering expertise to the fullest”, according to the tyre maker.

In designing the new tyre, Continental says a major objective was creating an adaptive tread capable of ideally responding to both wet and dry road conditions.

The BlackChili rubber compound used was fine-tuned for optimal traction. As a result, race-track performance shot up by 10 per cent over that of the previous model, while wet braking distances dropped by eight per cent. For braking under dry conditions, the new SportContact 7 beat its predecessor by six per cent while also providing 17 per cent greater mileage over its service life, Continental claims.

“In order to bring the extraordinary power of a Maserati safely to the road at all times for an optimal driving experience without compromise, the tyres, as the only connection to the asphalt, must perfectly match the respective model and thus optimally support the car’s performance,” says Dr. Holger Lange, head of tyre development for Continental’s original equipment business.

“To capture the specific requirements for each vehicle model, Continental works closely with vehicle manufacturers to develop the optimal tyre,” he says.

The SportContact 7 was developed for passenger cars with sporty attributes up to super sports cars. In spring 2022, a total of 42 items in sizes between 19 and 23 inches will be available, and the supply range is to be expanded further, according to Continental.