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Martin Corley Tyres appointed Landsail distributor

Martin Corley Tyres has been appointed as an official distributor in Ireland of the Landsail range of car, van and 4×4 tyres.

The addition of Landsail to Martin Corley Tyres’ product portfolio is a huge plus for the company. “We are very excited to work with Landsail, providing their high quality tyres to the Irish market on our regular nationwide deliveries,” said Sean Corley of Martin Corley Tyres.

From its state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to its creative approach to achieving global performance standards, Landsail is said to be a pioneer in developing solutions to provide a sustainable competitive advantage.

Across the range, Landsail’s research team has designed and engineered specific features to deliver class-leading performance and safety, while meeting stringent regulations on efficiency, noise and grip.

Landsail was the first tyre manufacturer to commit to what it terms full ‘Smart Factory’ status – making it one of the most advanced tyre manufacturing facilities in the world.

Enhanced quality control and monitoring is the responsibility of core teams of tyre experts. Using AI and machine learning not only increases efficiency but also achieves one of the highest production standards in the industry.

Landsail’s flagship product is the LS588, the brand’s UHP tyre, a sporty, speedy, responsive tyre designed for performance.

It also delivers comfort, longevity and strength. From hot hatches to family SUVs, the LS588 is engineered to give you everything you expect – and a lot more.

Manufactured in one of the most advanced tyre plants in the world, the LS588 is a response to vehicle manufacturers increasingly fitting UHP tyres across their production range.

Its central 3D block anchors the tyre providing agile handling, even for larger vehicles, while the LS588’s advanced silica compound has been coupled with heat-resisting bars built into the shoulders to extend the life of the tyre by reducing wear.

A wide contact patch is designed to provide enhanced control and innovative design techniques have been used to create a tread pattern of grooves and channels that drives moisture away from that contact area, optimising grip and braking in wet conditions and minimising the risk of aquaplaning.

For more information on the Landsail range contact Martin Corley Tyres on 045 86 0901.