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Lusk Tyres understands Irish farmers

The Lusk Tyres team pride themselves on understanding the needs of the Irish farmer. Whether it’s Klebers for a big Massey with a hedge cutter, Michelins for a Green machine ploughing 800 acres or CEAT for a vintage Ford still earning its keep, Lusk Tyres is confident that it has the right tyre to meet individual needs and budget.

Ed Byrne of Lusk Tyres commented: “We have a countrywide Key Dealer Network that can offer farmers the local fitting, breakdown and technical service they need to keep the wheels of their most important tool turning.”

Ed Byrne, Lusk Tyres.

Lusk Tyres is proud to be a CEAT distributor for the Republic of Ireland. This new brand of agricultural tyre is growing in popularity and reputation every day.

“We would like to invite applications from respected trade outlets to become our partners in selling, promoting and building this exciting brand going forward,” Ed remarked.

For more information contact 01 894 9540 or 087 354 9682.