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Linglong achieves global OE ‘breakthrough’

Linglong Tire has said that the beginning of its original equipment tyre supply to the Honda Crider represents “another milestone breakthrough” for the company in the global OE tyre market.

The first batch of Linglong tyres for Guangqi Honda were recently shipped and fitted to the Honda Crider, marking the start of its OE tyre supply to the car brand in China.

Through continuous R&D investment and quality improvement, Linglong Tire claims it continues to meet customer demand for “high-quality, high-performance, and environmental-friendly tyre products”.

The tyre maker added that it will “actively participate” in global OE competition in the future.

Representatives from Linglong Tire and Guangqi Honda at a quality and safety signing ceremony, marking that Guangqi Honda has recognised the product quality of Linglong tyres to reach the level of mass production. Image: Linglong Tires