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Licensing will improve standards– Farrell

The introduction of the Irish Tyre Industry Association (ITIA) License Scheme will bring improved standards, service and safety into the tyre trade., according to ITIA President Kevin Farrell.

To be granted a license tyre outlets must comply with strict licensing criteria which includes the independent accreditation of staff skills. Licensees must also declare that they do not sell second hand, part worn tyres.

The ITIA says that motorists now have a clear visible sign to help them choose a tyre retailer who places safety at the forefront of their service. Using a licensed outlet will mean motorists have the peace of mind to know they are choosing a tyre expert who has experienced, skilled staff and is committed to working to industry best practice, the ITIA contends.

Farrell says the License Scheme is a ground-breaking development for the tyre industry, and is the first time that standards have been introduced to the industry in direct response to a mandate from ITIA members to improve safety in the industry.

Farrell commented: “Our members have been quick to support the licensing scheme. As reputable traders they see the value in being able to let motorists know how serious they are about providing an expert service with safety as their focus.”

“It will enable us to establish a clear recognisable distinction between our members and the rogue traders in our industry,” he added.

Speaking about part worn tyres, Farrell added: “Tyres being sold as part worn or second hand, are in fact waste tyres -tyres that have been discarded by another motorist.  There is a reason these tyres have been taken off and you need to ask yourself why did someone else throw them away? Many motorists don’t realise the serious safety issue that part worn or second hand waste tyres pose for them, their families and other road users. As an Association we all must educate motorists on the dangers of using second hand tyres. Members can do this by getting a license and displaying the Licensed Tyre Outlet sign outside their premises.”

Only ITIA members are eligible to apply for a license. For full details please email Anne Marie on or call 086 773 96 66.