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Label grades confirm Goodyear Marathon Long Haul tyres as the dream team

Just-introduced EU Tyre Label grades prove Goodyear Marathon LHS II + steer tyres, LHD II + drive tyres and LHT II trailer tyres to be the truck tyre ‘Dream Team’, according to the company.

Fitting Goodyear Marathon tyres to a typical five-axle 40 tonne truck could equip the vehicle with a fuel-saving combination of six ‘A’ grade tyres, two ‘B’ grade tyres and four ‘C’ grade tyres, depending on tyre size. These tyres also score highly with regard to wet grip, which means short stopping distances in slippery conditions, and they have low noise emissions as well.

“The Goodyear Marathon Long Haul tyre range offers outstanding fuel economy and now, thanks to the new European Tyre Labelling regulation, truck operators can see for themselves which tyres are best for fuel efficiency. They also need to bear in mind tyre life, in particular with respect to mileage – even if this information is not included on the label”, said Boris Stevanovic, Marketing Director Truck Tyres, Goodyear Dunlop EMEA. “The combination of the Goodyear Marathon LHS II +, LHD II + and LHT II really is a ‘Dream Team’, offering truck operators great fuel economy along with very good wet grip and low noise.”

The Goodyear Marathon LHT II trailer tyre is not only the highest rated Goodyear truck tyre in Fuel Efficiency, boasting ‘A’ grade in two sizes, but also classes as a ‘C’ grade with regard to wet grip in four sizes and has low noise levels. This is extremely significant as there are six tyres on most semitrailers, which account for 50% of the total rolling resistance of the truck and trailer combination. The LHT II’s ‘C’ wet grip grading means shorter stopping on wet roads than lower grade tyres. Noise is particularly low on the LHT II with two sizes rating a single bar and noise levels of 70 dBA3.