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Kumho strengthens 4×4 range with new offerings

Kumho’s already comprehensive 4×4 tyre range has recently been further enhanced by the addition of the new Ecsta PS71 SUV, specially developed for large, powerful SUVs and designed for 100 per cent on-road use.

While there are numerous Kumho 4×4 products from which to choose, the majority of requirements will be covered by the newcomer and other such fine on-road products as the Crugen HP91 and HP71, plus the cross-functional Road Venture patterned MT51 and AT61.

Crugen HP91

The Crugen HP91 is aimed at owners of SUVs who seek the optimum driving experience from their prestige vehicles. The high-performance Crugen HP91 features an asymmetric tread pattern combined with four wide circumferential grooves. Its silica-enhanced compound results in exceptional wet weather handling and braking, and a rolling resistance comparable to that of most passenger car tyres. The product’s other major attributes include: strong high speed stability, low wear rates, and outstanding resistance to aquaplaning. HP91 is manufactured in V, W and Y speed ratings and is available in sizes up to 22 inches to fit, for example, the Range Rover and Range Rover Evoque, BMW X5 and X3, and Volvo XC90 and XC60.

Crugen HP71

The Crugen HP71 was the recipient of a Red Dot design award in 2017. The all-season HP71 is aimed squarely at the mid-sized line-up of SUVs currently constituting the fastest growing sector of the UK and Ireland vehicle market. Its symmetrical tread pattern features four circumferential grooves for optimum water displacement, reinforced shoulders for strong cut and chip resistance, and a zig-zag solid centre rib for maximum stability. It also boasts an impressive degree of traction and low noise output. HP71 is currently available in some 13 sizes for rims from 16 to 19 inches in diameter and a mix of H and V speed ratings.

Crugen KL33

That Jeep selected the Crugen KL33 for OE fitment on its A5 model for the North American market says much about the tyre’s all-round credentials. Especially developed for the particular needs of the ever-expanding SUV sector, the all-season KL33 is gradually being superseded by the HP71, but still provides a decidedly impressive degree of comfort at all speeds, coupled with good handling characteristics and notably low levels of noise. The symmetric tread is of four groove design for optimum aquaplaning suppression, while 3D shoulder blocks ably aid wet weather grip. Balanced traction characteristics are guaranteed in both wet and dry conditions. The KL33 is currently available for rims of 15 to 20 inches in diameter and a mix of H and V speed ratings.

Road Venture MT51

Yet another relative newcomer to the Kumho 4×4 range, the Road Venture MT51 now carries the mantle of being the company’s prime off-road mud terrain offering. It provides the perfect combination of balanced on/off road driving and excellent off-road traction, while the braking performance is equally impressive on surfaces as diverse as tarmac and gravel. The stiff sidewall construction minimises punctures, while notable shoulder notching maximises the tyre’s rock crawling performance. The eye-catching sidewall livery conjures up images of the type of heavy plant MT51-shod vehicles may well rub shoulders with from time to time. It is currently available in 15 popular sizes to fit rims of 15 to 17 inches in diameter.

Road Venture AT61

The latest member of Kumho’s cross functional line-up, the Road Venture AT61 features: two-step sipes for improved snow performance; larger, stiffer tread blocks for increased mileage; and zig-zag grooves for enhanced traction. The sidewall offers strong resistance to penetration and a rim protector to safeguard the alloy wheels that are standard fit on most on-road vehicles these days. The newcomer is initially available in a selection of eight sizes to fit 15, 16 and 17 inch rims.