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Kumho refreshes winter line up

Kumho-WP51.resizeNot only has Kumho extensively refreshed its summer season offering for cars, SUVs and light commercial vehicles and made a successful return to the truck tyre market, but has some excellent recently-introduced products for winter driving too.

UK and Ireland drivers are now far better educated in the values of winter and all-weather tyres than before the big freeze of 2011, and Kumho’s new cold-weather range recognises that demand for such products continues to rise across the board.

It comprises:


  • WinterCraft WP71 – primarily intended for medium and large-sized family and executive cars, this latest generation winter tyre is a recent replacement for the I’Zen KW27. It features zig-zag main grooves,
    V-shaped lateral grooves, a multi-layer tread for optimum block stiffness, and 3D snow snipes. The newcomer offers superior dry, wet and snow performance to its predecessor and is being offered in an extensive range of sizes from 205/55R16 to 275/40R19, and in H, V and W speed ratings
  • WinterCraft WP51 – a replacement for the popular I’Zen KW23, this aesthetically-pleasing new-generation winter tyre boasts construction and compound for optimum performance in even the coldest of temperatures. It features cross stripe and 3D snow sipes for maximum traction and cornering on snow covered roads, a rounder mould profile for improved resistance to aquaplaning, and precision-engineered curved lateral grooves for the ultimate in wet weather performance
  • Solus HA31 – this recently-introduced all-season tyre replaces the Solus Vier KH21 and is the ideal choice for drivers of all sizes of passenger car seeking optimum performance and reliability in all weathers. It features lateral grooves for enhanced wet road performance, honeycomb structure 3D sipes for optimum traction on snowy surfaces, a directional tread
    pattern with S-SBR technology for an exceptional balance between wet grip, fuel economy and wear rate, and reinforced centre rib and tread blocks for improved braking performance


  • I’Zen RV KC15 – aimed at such perennially popular 4x4s as the Range Rover and BMW X5, it has an aggressive asymmetric tread pattern, sipes designed for the best of traction in snow and icy conditions, and a new type of silica tread compound for enhanced wet weather performance


  • PorTran CW51 – this Power Grip KC11 replacement is aimed at providing light commercial vehicles with the best in traction and handling in snowy and/or icy conditions. It features 3Dsipes in the shoulder area for superior handling and reinforced tread blocks for improved stability

Kumho is an established supplier of cold and all-weather tyres for the more traditional winter tyre markets of Scandinavia and Central Europe, where its comprehensive range of products is very highly regarded. For further details of Kumho and its products, log onto