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Kumho nets further international design awards

First came the Good Design (Japan) awards for Kumho’s Majesty 9 and Ecsta PA51 patterns. These were swiftly followed by iF Design awards for the Majesty 9 and WinterCraft Wi51.

Now the Majesty 9, Ecsta PA51 and WinterCraft Wi51 have all been honoured with the Good Design Award of North America – an impressive period of international recognition for Kumho.

Majesty 9
The Majesty 9 is an upgraded version of the Majesty Solus, over which it offers superior ride comfort and quietness. Novel touches include the sidewall being decorated with a hologram that changes form according to the angle of the prevailing light, while the tread carries an elegant repeating design of geometric patterns ad contemporary-looking curves.

Ecsta PA51
This is an all-season tyre that boats a mix of sport and comfort features. The asymmetrical tread pattern disperses water in four different directions for greater efficiency and fuel economy, and the differing depth of the grooves guarantees reduced noise and improved grip. The tyre’s sidewall features the dynamic graphic of a motor racing flag.

WinterCraft Wi51
Designed for the European arctic winter market, the new Wi51 boasts outstanding performance on icy and snow-covered roads. Its contemporary compound technology results in better traction and braking, while a new structure further improves performance in adverse conditions and results in the tread maintaining greater contact with the road surface.