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Krone approves new Goodyear Ultra Grip winter tyres

Krone has become the first trailer manufacturer to offer Goodyear’s latest winter trailer tyres as original equipment. The renowned manufacturer has approved the Goodyear ULTRA GRIP MAX T in sizes 385/65R22.5 and 385/55R22.5 for trailers destined for severe winter operations.

Goodyear_Krone_Picks_Ultra_Grip_Max_Copyright_Krone copy“We are very pleased that Krone has become the first trailer manufacturer to approve our latest ULTRA GRIP MAX T winter trailer tyre,” said Peter Platje, Director OE Sales Truck Tyres Goodyear Dunlop EMEA.

“The excellent winter performance that our new Goodyear ULTRA GRIP MAX tyres provide helps vehicles to operate in severe winter conditions and keep going.”

The new ULTRA GRIP MAX winter truck tyre range provides up to 40% more snow grip when half worn and up to 15% more mileage1.

The ULTRA GRIP MAX S steer tyre and ULTRA GRIP MAX D drive tyre are dedicated truck winter tyres and carry both the 3-Peak-Mountain-Snowflake (3PMSF) official winter tyre marking as well as the M+S symbol. Even when the drive tyres are 50% worn2, they still qualify for the 3PMSF marking. With this special feature, the new Goodyear truck winter tyre line helps keep trucks going and gives peace of mind to drivers as well as fleet operators.

The ULTRA GRIP MAX T trailer tyre has been developed to cope with tough winter conditions and also carries both the 3PMSF marking and the M+S symbol. The full specification of the tyres fitted by Krone are 385/65R22.5 160 K 158 L and 385/55R22.5 160 K 158 L.