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Kenda launches Emera KR605 SUV tyre

Kenda, represented exclusively in Ireland by Daly Tyres, has launched a new range of SUV tyres. The Kenda Emera KR605 SUV has a new generation asymmetric pattern design, which provides better wet braking, handling, and lower noise.

Using a silica composite formula, the Kenda Emera KR605 effectively reduces rolling resistance and helps with energy-saving without sacrificing high grip performance. This all results in balanced fuel efficiency, lower noise, better grip and higher comfort meet driver demands.

The Kenda brand is exclusive to Daly Tyres. Since the company’s inception in the early 1960s, it has operated on core values of honesty, innovation, quality, and customer service.

For more than 50 years, Kenda has continued to develop and expand its product selections to meet changing market demands.

Apart from a stringent testing and grading process, the superior, overall performance of Kenda tyres offers demanding drivers exceptional handling characteristics, while delivering increased levels of safety and comfort.

Engineered for all round outstanding performance and long life, Kenda tyres have a well earned reputation and exceptional resilience.

Kenda’s world wide range delivers a classic, smooth, quiet ride over the entire range for all tyres. The Kenda Emera SUV is currently available in 215/55/R18 and 225/55Z/R19 with more sizes coming on stream.

For more information on the Kenda range contact Daly Tyres on + 353 (0) 69 – 64899.