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ITIA wants tyres sector licensed and regulated

The Irish Tyre Industry Association (ITIA) wants the tyre sector licensed and regulated by government.

ITIA President Kevin Farrell says the focus of all ITIA projects this year has culminated in the drive for licensing programme. “All sectors in the association have pledged their full support for this exciting initiative, to bring much needed regulation into our trade,” Farrell commented.

He added: “For far too long entry into tyre retail has been unchecked, leaving us with a thriving black market in tyre retail, where outlets are being run by people with no experience or expertise in the fitment and repair of tyres. We must continue to work to bring improved standards and to lobby for regulation for the set up and management of tyre outlets in Ireland.”

The ITIA is calling on all professional tyre businesses to join the Association in its Drive for Licensing campaign.

The ITIA says it strongly believes that everyone involved in the reputable tyre trade needs to work together to set the trade apart from those trading in the black economy.

“We urgently need regulation in our industry. By bringing the professional and reputable tyre trade together we will have a strong voice to lobby for long needed regulation in the market,” ITIA President said.

The ATA Accreditation is central to bringing industry regulation, according to Farrell. “We are well on our way to getting an accredited technician in each retail member outlet. This programme allows us to hold up our members as the experts in the trade.”

“It allows us to tangibly highlight the ever increasing gap between the legitimate trade and those in the black economy. It is vital that we don’t get complacent with this progress. ATA will only work if it’s across the board, so if you have not yet sent someone to ATA Accreditation, please book them in today.”

In a parallel move the ITIA is seeking to grow its membership “to increase the strength and voice of the legitimate trade.”
The Association is calling on existing members “to introduce one new tyre outlet to the Association in 2013” in order to increase and strengthen the voice of the Association.

“We are calling on all reputable tyre outlets to join our campaign to increase the strength and voice of the legitimate trade. We are asking all members to introduce one new tyre outlet to the Association in 2013,” Farell said.