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ITIA updates members on proposed PRI

The Irish Tyre Industry Association (ITIA) has issued the following statement to its members in relation to the establishment of the Producer Responsibility Initiative (PRI) for waste tyres. received this statement this morning: Layout 1“The Executive Council of the ITIA wish to inform you that we have learned that our recent past President in July signed the papers establishing and incorporating an interested third party, Repak ELT, while continuing to hold office. We have written to the person concerned, seeking an explanation.

We have raised the issue with the Department of the Environment and Repak. It appears highly irregular and inappropriate for Repak, the body proposed to be charged with interacting with the tyre industry on such a critical issue, to co-opt the head of the industry body in this fashion. We believe it has undermined the PRI review process to date and calls into question the suitability of Repak to administer the programme. We will be pressing our request for the Department to reconsider the scheme in favour of our proposed alternative.
We want to reassure our members that we are already in the process of implementing a formal disclosure policy, which will eliminate any potential conflicts of interest in our work as a Council.

Please be assured of the full commitment of the Executive Council in acting on your behalf at this important time.”