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ITIA proposes ELT compliance scheme with robust enforcement as key principle.

Thanks to feedback from members at retailer meetings and from wholesale members who were invited to National Executive Council (NEC) meetings, the Irish Tyre Industry Association (ITIA) has worked with its compliance experts REPAK, to come up with a proposed scheme for the sound management of end of life tyres (ELT).

The ITIA says the proposed scheme is designed with robust enforcement across the board in all sectors of the industry. “Enforcement is key to our scheme and is central to every step in the process.  The scheme is constructed to include everyone in the industry and to be fair to all.  No single sector will be left to carry the can,” ITIA president Kevin Farrell said.

“The ITIA scheme’s key objective is to ensure that everyone in the industry plays their part in the process of handling the waste tyres that we all produce.

Who is a producer?  A producer is deemed to be anyone who places a product on the market so this includes manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers, car and machinery importers, part worn tyre operators, retreaders and distance sellers.  Authorised treatment facilities (ATF) and the End of Life vehicle Scheme (ELVES) also need to be incorporated into the Tyre compliance scheme,” he added.

During our meeting on Monday October 6 with REPAK, the NEC, which represents all sectors of the industry, was unanimous in supporting the proposed scheme.  The scheme was presented at the Tyres Working Group (TWG) to the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government (DECLG) and the members of the TWG committee on Tuesday October 7.

“The DECLG will adjudicate the schemes presented at the meeting and look to recommend one scheme to the Minister. If no scheme meets the criteria set out by DECLG, then it is inevitable that a PRI will be imposed on the industry,” Farrell added.

He continued: “Our scheme has been constructed to address all the concerns presented to us by our members. We believe it gives greater transparency and creates fairness for our members and the industry at large.”

“Should our scheme be accepted and approved by the Minister, the ITIA will be in a position to work with DECLG and have an input into the writing of the regulations for the tyre industry.  In the current system for ELT’s by and large the consumer is already paying for disposal.  This charge will not become a ‘Green Tax’, but simple be backed up by legislation. It is vital that we have a say in how the regulations are drawn up and how enforcements key role is established.   We must take this opportunity to ensure that the regulation of our industry is practical, effective and enforceable. The only thing worse than no regulation is bad regulation,” he continued.

Farrell Noted: “The ITIA’s principal purpose is to improve standards, service and safety in our industry.  Our ELT compliance scheme creates a level playing pitch for those in our industry who are doing things properly.  At the same time it shines a light on those operators who are not compliant and trading in the black economy.  Once identified, rogue traders will have tough enforcement measures brought to bear on them.”

“We now have the chance to play a central role in cleaning up our industry and protecting those in the industry who trade with integrity and safety at the core of their business.  Well thought out regulation, with robust enforcement will make trading conditions better for all of us. Full details of our scheme and any feedback we receive from the DECLG will be shared with members once we receive it.”

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