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ITIA helping technicians reach their full potential

2023 has seen an increased focus by the Irish Tyre Industry Association (ITIA) on training for all levels of technicians.

According to its chief executive Sue O’Neill, the association has been working hard to address the challenges for members in both sourcing and retaining staff, while continuous professional development has been identified as essential to developing the careers of technicians.

“Our industry, like many others, is currently facing recruitment challenges,” O’Neill said. “To address this, we must create a supportive environment that encourages career progression for our employees.

“By providing the right training and development opportunities, we can help our members acquire the skills and knowledge they need to excel in their roles.

“This will not only make them feel more valued, but also boost morale and productivity, and reduce staff turnover,” she added.

This year has seen the launch of three training programmes by the ITIA and take-up to date has been described as enthusiastic.

From left: John C. Murphy, City of Dublin ETB programme manager – Apprenticeship & Contracted Training; Sue O’Neill, CEO, ITIA; and instructor Brendan Kane. Picture Conor McCabe Photography.

ITIA Tyre & Motor Parts Servicing Traineeship (QQI – Level 4)
This brand new traineeship has been developed in association with City of Dublin Education and Training Board (ETB) and is said to be a fantastic opportunity for new technicians to avail of a quality standard training coupled with on the job work experience.

Participants complete 12 weeks in-college training with six weeks onsite work experience interspersed throughout the period. This course is provided free to participants and ITIA member companies can sign up to provide work experience for participants.

O’Neill said: “Our current group of trainees have all been place with member companies.

“This is a great opportunity for companies to assess participants for future employment with no commitment, but I am confident having met these trainees that all will secure full-time positions once the course finishes.”

ITIA Tyre Technician Training Programme
The fifth ITIA Tyre Technician Training Programme is set to commence on Wednesday, 22nd March.

This programme is open to members and non-members and has been developed by the ITIA in association with Athlone Training Centre to ensure that members are providing best-in-class service to all consumers.

The programme is spread over three weeks and participants will attend two days each week. Over the period of the programme technicians build up a portfolio of certificates which will lead to an overall ITIA Approved Tyre Technician certificate in association with Athlone Training Centre.

Modules covered include: Manual Handling & Safety Awareness; Understanding the Wheel & Tyre; Basic Steps for Removal and Fitting of Car Wheels; Waste Management; Customer Service; Puncture Repair & TPMS Training; Wheel Alignment; and Electric Propelled Vehicle Hazard Management.

“As the automotive industry evolves with the introduction of new technologies and electric vehicles, customers are expecting higher levels of expertise in the service and management of their vehicles,” O’Neill continued.

“To stay ahead of the competition, companies must stay up-to-date on the latest innovations and understand the complexities of new technologies.”