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ITIA backs BSAU159 standard for tyre repair

The Irish Tyre Industry Association (ITIA) is urging all tyre retailers to recognise the importance of improving tyre repair standards by adopting BSAU159 as its standard for tyre repair.

Earlier in the year ITIA members agreed to adopt and promote BSAU159 as the best standard in tyre repair and educate customers on the value of a more extensive and safer repair method.

Sue O’Neill, CEO, ITIA, strongly supports this initiative. She said: “In adopting BSAU159, this standard ensures tyre safety by encouraging a permanent tyre repair where applicable and avoids a ‘quick fix’ which may not be a safe way to get back on the road.

“We believe that improved tyre repair standards will ultimately improve tyre safety across the country. Tyre repairs carried out to BSAU159 guidelines will help retain the integrity of the tyre casing, extend the overall life of the repaired tyre and reduce the chance of tyre distortion which may occur as a result of poor repair methods.”

Sue ONeill

The adoption of this standard has been in the pipeline for over a year with all members receiving written notice in advance of the official decision. Each member received a detailed BSAU159 poster to guide on compliance and provide confidence when carrying out a tyre repair in adherence with the newly introduced standard.

To date the initiative has received great support and enthusiasm from ITIA members and their commitment to best-in-class standards should be applauded.

Agreement to adopt BSAU159 also highlights the professionalism of ITIA members and their commitment to the safety of their customers.

The ITIA says that following these repair standards will lead to increased customer satisfaction, positive attributes for insurance and increased revenue for its members who will always provide a quality service.

As this initiative may be new to some members the association is fully committed to supporting them with the resources they need to implement the BSAU159 standard.

Members have access to a dedicated BSAU159 hotline, which is highlighted on their repair poster for any queries they may have.