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Interstate unveils new winter tyre for commercial vehicles

Interstate’s new special winter tyre for small commercial vehicles, vans and motor homes, the Winter Van IW-ST is a combination of uncompromised grip and exceptional durability.

Designed for heavy-duty use, this sturdy new product remains unwavering and moves safely and effortlessly on any surface – slippery, icy roads and snow-covered sites alike.

This new tyre has excellent wear resistance and unique driving stability. In addition to convincing grip in extreme conditions, this hard-working tyre provides a precise, logical and balanced driving experience. It maintains its precision and stability even in the most challenging conditions.

The IWT-ST features a two-ply structure, optimised to carry the heavy wheel loads of vans and motor homes and adjust to the requirements of heavy axle loads. The specially designed steel belt package is also reinforced in the shoulder area, and it contains over 57 per cent more steel than regular passenger car tyres.

Top-notch durability is supported by the tread compound that is extremely tear- and cut-resistant. Sidewall abrasion protection further enhances reliability and prevents puncture damage