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Infinity unveils two new tyres

Infinity Tyres has unveiled to new tyres to add to its growing range, the Ecomax and Ecosis.

The Infinity range has been designed and developed over the past 18 months to ensure, among other things, that it is fully compliant with Europe’s REACH legislation as well as the forthcoming EU tyre labelling laws.

Ecomax, its UHP model, and Ecosis, its HP model, will be introduced in the latter half of 2012 with Enviro (SUV) and Ecovan (Van) to follow shortly afterwards.

Infinity has been testing the range internally in several top test tracks in Europe, such as IDIADA in Spain, to analyse the tyre’s performance such as braking distances, handling or rolling resistance. The results of these tests position these tyres at the same level as some of the market’s top premium brands, according to Infinity.

As their name implies, both tyres benefit from having been designed with the environment in mind and their green credentials stem from their Eco-Friendly Fuel Efficient (EFFE) manufacturing process down as well as their the Advanced Comfort Control Construction (ACCC) development techniques, which are applied to the tyre moulds.