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Industry giant OZKA Tyres targets growth in Ireland

OZKA Tyres, which is distributed in Ireland by Mileage Tyres, has developed into an industrial giant in Turkey with its strong production in the agricultural and industrial machinery tyres sector.

The company has told the Tyre Trade Journal how it has raised its targets in the Irish market.

Working towards being a leader in agricultural and industrial machinery tyres industry, OZKA Tyres says that it has the advantage of a strong production infrastructure and wide product range, as well as the fact that it obtains 47 per cent of its total export turnover from Europe.

It adds that it has completed its recent investments in order to manage the increase in demand for radial tyres in the region.

OZKA Tyres adds that it has surpassed its targets in Turkey in the agricultural and industrial machinery tyres industry and is leaving its mark in the global arena with its strong production.

The brand now exports 70 per cent of its production to more than 90 countries; takes a strong position in the Turkish economy by producing 220 tons per day and approximately 1.5 million pieces per annum in its three different factories.

It operates production in an area of 200,000 m2 in Kocaeli, just outside Istanbul, and this is accelerating its strong growth momentum with the European market, which it says is making it stand out with its agricultural technologies.

The Turkish manufacturer is well aware of Ireland’s strong position in agriculture, livestock production, as well as the advantages the Irish agriculture industry has in food and other production such as forestry etc.

It says that due to fertile lands and mild climate with abundant rainfall, Ireland is in a very strong position in livestock activities.

Mileage Tyres
OZKA Tyres, along with its Irish distributor, Frank McDonagh and his team at Mileage Tyres, aim to increase its effectiveness in the market here in Ireland, where agriculture and animal husbandry is developing, with its wide and high quality product range in different categories, production power and competitive advantage.

Foreseeing a 35 per cent growth in terms of turnover by the end of 2023 in the European market, where it has achieved 47 per cent of its total export turnover, OZKA Tyres aims to increase its market share by 15 per cent year-on-year in Ireland, where it has an annual sales of over €1 million.

Growth in radial tyres
OZKA Tyres, which reads global and local dynamics and takes actions accordingly, develops its new strategy by focusing on more flexible, long-lasting and high-performance radial tyres compared to conventional tyres.

It is predicted that the demand in the field of agricultural and industrial equipment vehicle tyres in the European market, which focuses on technology, will increase even more, especially in the radial group, and the trade volume will grow even more.

Starting from the fact that the brands that use the technological components correctly in the European market show a tendency to grow rapidly, OZKA Tyres says it adapts very quickly to new technologies by using its R&D power.

The brand, which made an investment of US$30 million in the field of radial tyres last year, achieved an impressive capacity increase of 55 per cent, mostly in radial tyres, upon the completion of the investment

New Agrolox size
OZKA Tyres also told the Tyre Trade Journal that it has added a new size to its Agrolox range of radial tractor tyres.

The company claims the Agrolox, which was designed with superior features by its R&D team, is a strong alternative with high traction power as well as durability efficiency and comfort.

It adds that the Agrolox offers comfort and traction both on land and on the road with its renewed pattern and double-angle tread structure, provides high resistance against punctures and tears thanks to its three-layer bar structure design.

It also provides protection against fatigue and cracking thanks to its increased tooth block, as well as attracting attention with its special pattern that provides efficiency.