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Guidance on new tyre label regulations due in November

Guidance on the new tyre label regulations, is expected to be published in November a full seven months after the regulations came into force, writes John Loughran.

New EU tyre label regulations, which make tyre labels more visible, more accurate and more future proof came into force on May 1.

The new labelling scheme for car and truck tyres aims to increase consumer awareness and fuel savings, improve safety and decrease noise pollution.

The new labelling scheme also applies to heavy-duty vehicles (so-called C3 tyres). Freight accounts for a large percentage of GHG emissions coming from transport.

Since C3 tyres consume more fuel and cover more kilometres per year than C1 (passenger cars) and C2 (light commercial vehicles), they have greater potential in terms of reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

These new rules will bring energy savings equivalent to taking 4 million cars off EU roads every year it has been claimed. can now confirm that guidance on the new regulations is still under development by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland.

It is understood that exisiting guidance needed a considerable rework, and that the work got pushed back in a queue of other work relating energy labelling.