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Goodyear reveals new EV-Ready logo

Goodyear has further backed its claim that all of its new and current tyres “deliver exceptional performance” for both electric and internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, with the introduction of its new ‘EV-Ready’ logo.

The new label will be introduced on the sidewall of all new replacement tyres from the beginning of 2024, and is said by Goodyear to be designed “to ensure drivers have full confidence in selecting the optimal tyres for their vehicle, regardless of its powertrain”.

Over the past number of years, Goodyear says it has developed several technologies to ensure that electric vehicle drivers experience optimum performance, reduced noise, and extended tyre life.

Among these innovations is SoundComfort Technology, which ensures reduced interior noise created by tyre/road interaction in quiet EVs. According to Goodyear, this technology has the potential to reduce interior noise by up to 50 per cent, which is crucial to ensure a quiet, comfortable journey in an electric vehicle.

Moreover, the added weight and increased torque of EVs means the wear on tyres can be much more substantial compared to traditional combustion vehicles. Goodyear claims its Mileage Plus Technology offers drivers the opportunity to maximise the life of their tyres, and travel further with each set.

Goodyear says its low rolling resistance technologies also contribute to reducing energy consumption and extending the driving range, which can be achieved by optimising the tyre structure, in combination with developing innovative compounds and aerodynamically tuning the sidewall design.

Many leading automobile manufacturers have chosen Goodyear as the original equipment tyre choice for their recent EV and PHEV launches, meaning Goodyear now is an OE supplier to around half of European-made electric vehicles.

In addition to the new EV-Ready logo for replacement tyres, Goodyear also features two other labels for its original equipment (OE) fitments designed for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

These labels, known as Goodyear’s Electric Drive Technology (EDT) and Electric Drive Ready (EDR) labels, will prominently be featured on OE EV and PHEV fitments.

Goodyear states that these labels signify the incorporation of a customised range of technologies to cater for the specific needs of a particular vehicle, such as combination of high load capacity, specific handling and noise performances and other criteria.