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Goodyear reinvents the truck tyre

Goodyear is reinventing the truck tyre with the launch of a completely new industry size: the low profile Goodyear KMAX S steer tyre in the dimension 375/45R22.5.  In addition to this industry innovation, the leading tyre manufacturer further broadens its portfolio with another low profile tyre: the Goodyear KMAX D drive axle tyre in size 315/45R22.5.

Goodyear KMAX S

The new versions of Goodyear´s high mileage truck tyres play a crucial role in optimizing freight efficiency for fleet operators as they allow volume capacity of more than 100 m3 for semi-trailers.  The new low profile truck tyres are the result of collaboration with leading truck maker DAF on their special Low Deck tractor and initially will be available only as OE fitment for the DAF CF and XF Low Deck tractors.

The new tyres are the Goodyear KMAX S steer tyre size 375/45R22.5 and the Goodyear KMAX D drive axle tyre size 315/45R22.5. The size 375/45R22.5 is new to the industry and has been added by the European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation (ETRTO) to the official list of sizes.  The two new Goodyear low profile truck tyres are an important step for the freight segment, where improvements in ton per kilometer are continually pursued, while respecting the height limitation imposed on vehicles.  In order to maximize load capacity of more than 100 m3, many fleets operate megatrailers with an internal height of 3 meters.  The new tyre combination overcomes the issues that often make optimizing such trailers difficult if not impossible.  This is another example of Goodyear leading the way by reinventing the tyre.

Goodyear KMAX-D

The new KMAX D drive tyre reduces chassis deck height, lowering the fifth wheel by 5 to 6 centimeters to 91 centimeters, and the innovative KMAX S steer tyre lowers front axle height by approximately 2 to 3 centimeters[1].  This further allows a sufficient gap to be maintained between the tractor and trailer during maneuvering. This means that, within the maximum vehicle height of 4 meters, trailers with an internal height of 3 meters can be used, allowing volumes of more than 100 m3 for maximum transport efficiency.  The tyres also permit axle loads of 8 and 11.6 tonnes respectively and is an alternative for 355/50R22.5 steer tyres and 295/55R22.5 drive tyres.
The new tyres will initially be supplied to DAF for original equipment fitment and soon after as replacements.

The combination of low aspect ratio with high load index made the development of these tyres a technological challenge.  To do this, Goodyear employed a mixture of engineering methods and technologies.  These include tuning the width of the KMAX S steer tyre’s shoulder ribs along with the geometry and sequence of the sipes.  A 6-rib design has been adopted and the IntelliMax Ribs (circumferential ribs that link laterally) have been specifically adapted.  Specific optimization was also carried out on the V-shape tread design of the KMAX D drive tyres.  Both steer and drive tyres feature the Interlaced Strip Technology in their construction.  Interlaced Strip Technology is patented by Goodyear and is an innovative belt reinforcement in the crown area of the tyre.  This allows the tyre to carry more load as well as giving a better wear profile for increased mileage potential.

“Goodyear is an innovative leader in the tyre industry and these new tyres, especially the industry first steer tyre in size 375/45R22.5, are again a proof of this.  We are committed driving innovations that meet our fleet customer’s needs and offer solutions that help them to reduce their Total Cost of Ownership today and in the future,” said Benjamin Willot, Director Marketing Commercial Tyres at Goodyear Europe, Middle East and Africa.  “The development work not only covered the use of new technologies in the design aspect of the tyres but also the production process to achieve these goals.  The result will help our customers maximize payload capacities and thus improve efficiency and profitability.”

As a leader in innovation in the tyre industry, Goodyear has developed many tyres that are unique to the company, which help fleets maximize their efficiency.  In the case of the new Goodyear KMAX S and D tyres, they have helped DAF to realize a truck that achieves its demanding needs by meeting the requirements of the TelliSys Project[2], which enables trucks to carry containers with a 3-meter internal height within a 4-meter vehicle height.